e-team offers a comprehensive solution and services adapted to the management of sports clubs, associations, institutions and other organisations operating in the field of sports. It can also be used by other associations or organisations. e-team offers many useful functions such as record keeping, list of members, calendar of the events (practices, competitions, training camps, other events), excellent communication among all levels of the club, keeping statistics, simple issuing of the invoices and overview of the received payments. It also allows importing and exporting data of the organisation.

e-team connects all users of the organisation, from the managers of the organisation to the parents of the underage members. It is also an excellent tool for mutual information and communication and it offers a complete overview of various events and statistics.

e-team can be used by all members and parents of the underage members of the organisation who have access to the e-team App. It can be used by sports organisations as well as by any other organisation.

The e-team App was developed by the Slovenian company DATASTAT Svetovanje in izdelava statističnih podatkov in multimedijskih vsebin d.o.o. which is in charge of smooth development, upgrading and updating of e-team. e-team was developed based on company's expert experiences and needs for an advanced and simple management of the organization.

The organisation pays monthly fee according to the chosen package. The organisation can also pay a yearly fee. In this case a discount of two monthly fees is applied (The fee is paid for 10 months).

A user can become any organisation that has concluded a licence agreement for the use of the e-team with DATASTAT d.o.o.

As a member of the organisation anyone with access, which is provided to him by his parent organisation (club, association and institute) can become a user of e-team. A user receives access by email invitation with short instructions on how to access.

When accessing or logging-in into the e-team for the very first time, you must use your email address and the password you've set. Later, you can access e-team by using other accounts (Facebook, Google+ or Microsoft) that were previously connected. You can do this in the My profile menu–Settings–Connect account with ... and connect the account with the chosen user account.

The organisations can contact technical assistance of a Datastat d.o.o. company by sending an email to info@e-klub.si, or call the office at: 040 474 044 or 041 729 014 every day from 8am to 4pm . You can contact us also by skype: e-klub_podpora. You can also report a problem in the Report a Problem/Make a Suggestion menu of the App.

Members of the organisation can contact their coaches or administrative staff of the club which is in charge of the management of the organisation in e-team.

You can report a problem via the problem report system or messages (see the Report a Problem or Make a Suggestion menu). We will respond to you within 48 hours. All suggestions, comments or questions on the operation of the e-team App are always welcome.

You can edit, change or delete all data of the organisation.

You can import data (data of members, training groups etc.) into e-team, but they have to be imported in a suitable format. That is why we made an Excel sheet template. You can also get it in the e-team under the Import persons menu.

New functions can be added by clicking the "Add new function" button. Assigning rights to new functions is done by the system administrator, who is a trustee of e-team on the basis of a mutual agreement between Datastat d.o.o. and the organisation.

Yes, you can do that by clicking the "Export persons" menu and the list of all members will export automatically from e-team to the Excel format.

The List of persons is a list of all active members of your organisation and offers you a complete overview of the person's data (name and surname, date of birth, PIN, number of contacts, function, training group, status). It enables a quick access to the person's statistics and a possibility of editing the person's data.

The List of exceptions is a list of all members of the organisation with a different status: active, inactive, become a member of the club, stop being a member of the club. You can filter the list by a person's status and further edit or review it.

There are two ways of adding a new member: 1. Via the "Add person" tab (see: Persons-Add person) where a new list of fields appears and you can enter a new person's data. Then, you can assign the function (the primary function of a member is always assigned to a person), training group etc. to the person.

If the same person appears twice on the list, you can merge the two contacts. You can do that under the menu PERSONS – LIST OF EXCEPTIONS, choose the person that was entered twice by clicking the empty space before the name of the person and then click the Merge person button. Follow the procedure.

You can add a training in a simple way for the whole season or training cycle, but make sure you choose a certain time period and not just a day. Then choose days, hours, type of training, location etc. and click the "Add" button.

e-team enables sending notifications for events with the possibility of RSVP and offers an overview of the confirmation list.

The calendar offers different overviews according to the user's preferences. This is enabled with different filters, such as type of workout, training group, facility, time period (day, week, month etc.).

You can send messages according to the rights assigned to your function within the organisation. For example: members can send messages only to the members of their group, to the coach or to the manager of the organisation. You can send a message by the e-team messaging system, email or SMS (The SMS Service is only available with the MAXI package).

YES, the bank statements must be in a specific format CVS in order to be imported into e-team.

Yes, if the account number, reference, name and surname of the payee match the invoice issued. Otherwise, the list of unrecorded payments is made and can be seen under the submenu Unrecorded payments (payments-unrecorded payments) that can be later manually connected with the invoices issued.

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