Close connection
of all members of the sports community.
Always up-to-date
Excellent solution for clubs, associations and organisations
operating in the field of sports.

WHAT IS e-team?

  • Simple and perfect technology solution for the management of sports organisations;
  • all data in one place, accessible at any time and place – 24/7/365;
  • innovative web and mobile App;
  • simultaneous use for multiple users on different devices.

WHY e-team?

  • Connectivity of all users (management, coaches, members, parents);
  • excellent interaction tool for mutual information and communication;
  • a complete overview of various events (competitions, practices, meetings) and statistics (participation, testing, payments, etc.).


  • All data is protected according to technical and security regulations;
  • less time needed for administration and management of records;
  • pre-numbered receipt books are not necessary;
  • intuitive use of the App – user friendly;
  • a complete overview of the operation and management of the organisation.

Save on time and costs
and get an excellent overview of how the organisation is being run.

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Prices do not include 22 % VAT ! Prices valid from 04/01/2019 onwards
Telephone support and help in case of non critical errors is charged at a single tariff of 30 € / h (minimum unit of account is 0,5 hours)

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